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All in one ride, with you wherever you go

News update

Autonomy World expo 2024 Paris - winner

MIMO triumph the Start-up challenge in the 'Last Mile Logistics' category, congratulations to all other category winners!

Merry Christmas and happy new year 

It is 2024! All pre-orders been shipped before Christmas. More productions coming and new exciting developments coming!

Delay notice 

One-month delay in shipping: Dec 2023 instead of Nov 2023. Some components were remade as we aim to adhere to our highest possible quality control standards. As a gesture of appreciation for your patience, all pre-orders will receive a surprise gift due to this delay


for your continous support, two batches of MIMO C1 have been sold out across the world!  (2023 Apr)

New developments

New software and hardware are put into the upcoming MIMO C2, and we have new product line coming up after MIMO C2!
(hint* it has more than two wheels)


We have new partners joining us, and expanding to new factory!  (2023 July)

With great power, comes great functionalities


Whether its for delivery, shopping or simply having fun, MIMO C1 is the best companion for you. You can also customise the front rack for any usage big or small. 

Stronger MIMO C2


Unleash the power of our brand new custom motor and controller, delivering unparalleled torque that'll conquer any hill with ease!

Built to last


With our swappable batteries (Samsung 35E), you can go the distance without any fuss

"This is arguably one of the best Electric scooter technology application I have ever seen."


- Solar Impulse expert justification



As seen on:

We are planting a tree for every MIMO C1 sold

Be Mobile, today


MOVIN'ON Startup Challenge by Michelin

Impact on sustainable mobility in

“Global warming and Air Pollution” & “Global Transport Efficiency”.

Solar Impulse
Efficient Solutions Label

Fast Company

World Changing Ideas 2021

Honorable Mention