We were excited to be at Japan's Bicycle E-mobility City Expo 2022 under special invitation during the pandemic! Our Team Japan put in a lot of effort to be in this exhibition and we met many nice Japanese there.


The streets of Japan is narrow, therefore perfect to maneuver with our cargo e-scooter.



To get to the venue, we managed to squeeze 3 scooters into a standard (mini) Japan sedan.

Interesting Japanese product, steer by tilting.

Lady-friendly e-scooter

There is a Japanese company specialized in building all kinds animal themed tricycles.

There are at least three companies featuring mini cars, which is becoming more popular in Japan.

Visitor stress testing the 50kg rated payload (psss, we designed with safety factor in consideration so we can take a lot more)

A company specialized in building thermo bag/box for food delivery vehicles.

Bicycle wheelchair

Towards the end of the event, we were invited to the Netherlands Embassy in Japan オランダ大使館 to have a glimpse of Netherlands' vision of transforming streets of Tokyo to car-less, mainly for the pedestrain and bicycles.

Japan is a bicycle friendly country, we can see a lot of effort into building infrastructures for bicycle parking. We look forward for a more sustainable future cities with less private-owned cars.