Excited to be in Milan for one of the largest motorcycle show in the world! Especially after the pandemic, we now see a increase of interest in cleaner electric powered vehicles these days. Here are some photographs we have taken during the event with our partner:



But first, how can we not have some good Italian food and wine to have enough energy for the show?

Probably the only cargo electric scooter that can enter a restaurant, not too sure about foldable bikes!

There's estimated 473'000 visitors this year.




There's many interesting products this year:



Yadea's battery swapping much like Gogoro's system.


Leather goods, biking accessories


Not exclusive to 2 wheels



WEEgoSmart cargo bike from Germany.



Our booth, next to our partner's cargo electric motorcycle.

Honda, they have one of the largest booth with all types of motorcycles.

Other cargo bike



Good'o road bike


Concept electric motorcycle



Vespa on a chair. Its a real full size vespa on an unreal chair!


Other electric kick scooter

Red Dot design award winning electric city bicycle


Tron/Akira inspired concept bike

Outside of the exhibition centre, stunt bike riders showing off their skills beside the lunch area.

Cool design

I was exploring around the exhibition area on the MIMO scooter when I saw this Ferrari.

Visitors putting their bags on the MIMO C1.

Team of students getting inspiration from the MIMO C1, they maybe designing something better soon!

Lego Vespa



Looking forward for the event in 2023!