Delivering something heavy? Worried about parking your mobility device? Shopping for groceries and toilet rolls? Made possible by a Singapore start up, in just 3 seconds, this innovative e-scooter can be easily transformed into a push trolley.



MIMO C1 features a customizable front cargo space that takes up to 70kg of additional load and a quick-folding mechanism. On-the-go battery swapping allows MIMO C1 users to commute longer and further. MIMO C1 is smaller, easier to handle and more affordable than most cargo bicycles. What makes MIMO C1 unique is the practical combination of the mobility of a e-scooter and the convenience of a push trolley so users will never have to leave their mobility device to make a collection or delivery.


To test the concept, MIMO Motor worked with a Grab Food rider and a logistic company to try out the prototype.


Early prototype was registered under Singapore LTA PMD law. The unique design has attracted attentions from other riders and the law enforcers, who let us continue after verification that it was legal on the pedestrian path in 2019.


For those who are not based in Singapore, some residential elevators are tiny. After folded, we managed to enter all elevators and delivered food to all customers.


The most number of parcels we loaded for the day, from e-commerce to office documents, delivered to various locations across office buildings.


Since the tests, there have been several improvements made to the design and expecting the final design ready by September~October 2020.



MIMO C1 is smaller than a regular bicycle, and significantly shorter than a cargo bike with equivalent cargo space.


There are about 40'000 delivery drivers/riders in Singapore in 2019. The demand for e-commerce and logistic were expected to grow more than 18% from studies in 2019 for the next 5 years, this number maybe under estimated due to the current pandemic situation. The use of cargo bicycles in Europe has been tripled since 2016 and still expecting to grow. We hope to meet this demand by getting MIMO C1 to meet the production and safety standards.


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