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Meet MIMO. By far one of your lightest portable mobility companions, the electric scooter combines the art of origami with the science of ergonomics for an urban travelling companion that is with you wherever you go.

best commuting experience

The commuting experience isn’t just limited to your time on the bus or train — it’s your interaction with the transport infrastructure, from doorstep to destination. Most of us take a bus or walk — but what if there are alternatives that save precious time and are green solutions to urban traffic?

Mimo solutions on distances



Skip the wait. The queues. The sweat. MIMO brings you across short distances, fast. With a weight of only ~8.8kg and designed for minimal bulk, you can carry the freedom to move in your hands.


Carry it. Wheel it. Hide it. MIMO takes inspiration from the art of origami folding for a compact stowaway. When not in use, the wheels and footrest tucks neatly out of sight. You’ll have no trouble bringing it with you.

User Centric


MIMO combines function and aesthetics by adopting the natural standing posture and a handlebar for easy maneuvering and stability.

Handlebar makes turning a breeze

Easier to stop and wait, or perform a U-turn
Four points of contact in steering and posture for stability

About Us

We’re geeks who like to make life better. We’re urban travellers, too. And we’re a team of designers, engineers and thinkers who have dedicated the last few years finding an alternative solution to the first- and last- mile problem. MIMO is only the start.

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Production model coming soon, actual product may differ from the prototypes